Underground Water Tank

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Convert You Pool To A  Underground Water tank

Underground water tank. Modular tanks ,Can be stacked and shaped to any size pool.

Our modular water tank is a fantastic option for collecting and storing water. Harvesting water is becoming very popular due to the climate and rising water costs.Our modules come flat packed to site and even if you have minimal access its breeze. The modules are made up of 85% recycled polypropylene  and when stacked create a 95% void space.

When it comes to weight the modules can take over 23ton per sqm in weight. So in other words you can build a house over them. It is also easy to reverse the installation and re activate the pool. All that needs to be done is the modules pulled apart and the stabilized material removed.please also keep in mind that being a tank we need an inlet and an outlet to divert water. Most of the time we interrupt the line into the pool and run our overflow back out and into existing pipe again.

Having your pool converted to an underground water tank is simple and easy...


  • Great for limited access
  • No compaction needed
  • No mess or impact on property
  • Apple water storage
  • Strong & Stable
  • Can take up to 32Ton per sqm in weight
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Easy to landscape over
  • 85% recycled polypropylene
  • Shape to any pool depth and shape
  • Great asset for home resale
  • Can be turfed over with drainage in place
  • Doesn't break down
  • Can be removed (reversible option)

Why pay for water when you can store your own




Rough Budget


30,000Ltr pool

Budget for: $10,000-$11,000

This includes All materials, tank modules and labour.

Water Tank Volume = 15,000 L



45,000Ltr pool

Budget for $11,500-$12,500

This includes All materials, tank modules and labour.

Water Tank Volume = 25,000 L


55,000Ltr pool

Budget for $13,000-$14,000

This includes All materials, tank modules and labour.

Water Tank Volume = 35,000 L


65,000Ltr Pool

Budget for $14,500-$15,500

This includes All materials, tank modules and labour.

Water Tank Volume = 40,000 L

Testimonials - What Others Are Saying About Us.

Lou & Mary Forestlakes-before-after-pool-removal.
When we decided to fill in our in-ground pool, we did some research on who does this type of work. This is how we came across Waterwise and Lee. We had some ideas as to what we were looking for, but when Lee came out to give us a quote, he did not rush but spent over an hour and a half explaining the procedure and options. Lee came up with some great ideas and different concepts before we settled on our final solution. We are over the moon with the finished layout. Lee and his team demonstrated very high standards of workmanship, professionalism, and ethics. During the works, Lee always made the site clean and safe. Throughout the works Lee kept us informed of his progress. Thank you Lee and team, for a really great garden that we just can’t stop looking at! It’s just GREAT! We are going to have loads of fun and enjoyment with all the new space we have. 
Lou and MaryForest Lake

So how many days does it take to do?

underground water tank

It normally takes 2-3 days to get the tank put together on site and all material in place.There is also limited disruption and impact on the property. If extra landscaping is needed to cover over the tank this will take more time depending on design. Having the underground water tank installed takes similar time to our other methods.

Landscaping your new yard is the key

Now the pool has been filled in whats next, and how do we take full advantage of having a blank canvas?.

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