POWER COSTS ARE ON THE MOVE AGAIN, time to remove pool?

 Time to remove pool?

Queensland electricity prices will increase $268 a year, or 22.6 per cent,  for households on the typical tariff, the Queensland Competition Authority has confirmed.

QCA chairman Malcolm Roberts accepted the price increase would hit families  and small businesses.

‘‘As I have said, this will not be a popular decision,’’ he said.

‘‘But we believe it is the right decision.’’

He said 70 per cent of customers were on market contract and would not see  the full price increase announced today.

While the average residential electricity bill will rise by 22.6 per cent or  $268 in 2013-14, the average small business electricity bill will rise by about  17 per cent or a $281.

The average electricity bill for a family of four will increase by $343 a  year, from $1662 per year to $2005 per year - a 21 per cent increase.

This figures are only the beginning and looking forward into the next 5-10 yrs who knows what we will be paying for power and other services.

Customers these days are looking for cheaper alternatives and even spending more now out of their own savings , a good example is solar introduction. Thousands of household have dug into their back pockets and paid the gap between the retail cost and the  government rebate. Some home owners that want to be totally sufficient have spent nearly $30,000 on there solar installation. I think people are now aware that they have no way of controlling what happens and the price rises along the way all they can do is make there home as efficient as possible.

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