Deck Over Pool

Decking over pool

More and more people are looking for options on what to do with that leaky old money pit in the yard, commonly know as a swimming pool. Decking over pools is a great option as in the future you wish to restore the pool or the new owners wish to it is easy to remove and just resurface the pool if need be. Deck over pool. Some of the advantages are...

  • COST SAVINGS -  From the moment the pool is drained, your overheads and monthly costs will be dramatically reduced.
  • MAINTENANCE COSTS KEEP RISING - The cost of water, chemicals, insurance, power and maintenance will continue to skyrocket.
  • YARD SPACE - Does your pool take up a large section of your backyard/front yard?. You will know have a large entertaining are and all the old pool fencing can come down.
  • VALUE - Retain the value of a pool in your home’s resale price. Having a large underground water tank these days is worth allot more than a leaky pool that needs some serious renovations.
  • BEAUTY -  It becomes a new backyard focal point . With next to no maintenance you can enjoy your yard again.
  • SAFETY - You can sleep at night now knowing that the pool is converted and no expensive yearly inspections.
  • NO MORE DANGEROUS CHEMICALS - This is a big worry for most young families.
  • GAIN STORAGE SPACE - Store items below deck if need be. The tank bladder sits under the deck but we can allow some storage area if need be.
  • NO MORE HEADACHES - Having a pool is great when nothing goes wrong or has little maintenance needed but unfortunately we all know that  isn’t always the case. The pool is normally a sore spot with most home owners and imagine the weight off your shoulders once the pool has been converted.

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