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Pool Removals Brisbane......Our 3 easy process to convert or remove your swimming pool.

Our working process in

Quote & Design

Pool Removals Brisbane .......First things first..Contact us to book in your FREE quote & design. Not only do we work with you to come up with a solution, we also provide a 3D overlay concept of your yard to show you just what you could achieve after your pool has been converted or demolished.

Allot of people ask how much is it to fill in a pool and the answer is" Depends on your budget".

Due to all pools and backyards being different we customize a solution to suit your budget and needs. But with over 500 pool fill ins and conversions under our belt and 20yrs in the pool building game, there is not much we haven't seen..........

Conversion Or Demolish

We start construction and your old pool is transformed into the new maintenance free area you have always wanted. In all the years we have been filling in pools it never gets old when after having the pool removed or filled in say " We should of done this years ago"

In most cases the pool is always in the back of your mind weather its leaking, why doesn't the pump work, why is the pool green again and I bet you have many more to add to this ...


Completion & Handover

If you have had the pool turned into a underground water tank we will show you how it all works and what to keep an eye out for.

We also offer extensive landscaping services for the area and will run through how to look after your new turf and also how to get the most out of the area.



Pool Removals Brisbane

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