Liquid Pool Fill Option


Liquid Pool Fill

A mixture of Sand,Cement,Water and Fly Ash

Liquid pool fill is a versatile product that has a massive advantages over other materials used to fill in pools. It was created over 20 yrs ago in Europe and is widely used in the civil industry. Perfect for filling in mine shafts,tunnels and  large voids.

Liquid fill is readily available in most locations an d due to the minimal cement content is easy to clean up. A concrete pump is used to pump the mixture into the hole and sets very quickly. This allows you to walk on the liquid pool fill in 2 hrs.


  • Great for limited access
  • No compaction needed
  • No mess or impact on property
  • Readily available
  • Strong & Stable
  • Quick to pump onsite
  • Fast curing
  • Easy to pave over
  • Great for footings of new structures
  • No shrinkage
  • 4-5 times more solid than soil
  • Turf over with drainage in place
  • Doesn't break down
  • No mess

More Liquid Pool fill

Rough Budget


30,000Ltr pool

Budget for: $9,000-$10,000

This includes Liquid fill,concrete pump hire and labour


45,000Ltr pool

Budget for: Budget for $10,500-$11,500

This includes Liquid fill,concrete pump hire and labour


55,000Ltr pool

Budget for $12,000-$13,000

This includes Liquid fill,concrete pump hire and labour


65,000Ltr Pool

Budget for $13,500-$14,500

This includes Liquid fill,concrete pump hire and labour

Testimonials - What Others Are Saying About Us.

Lou & Mary Forestlakes-before-after-pool-removal.
When we decided to fill in our in-ground pool, we did some research on who does this type of work. This is how we came across Waterwise and Lee. We had some ideas as to what we were looking for, but when Lee came out to give us a quote, he did not rush but spent over an hour and a half explaining the procedure and options. Lee came up with some great ideas and different concepts before we settled on our final solution. We are over the moon with the finished layout. Lee and his team demonstrated very high standards of workmanship, professionalism, and ethics. During the works, Lee always made the site clean and safe. Throughout the works Lee kept us informed of his progress. Thank you Lee and team, for a really great garden that we just can’t stop looking at! It’s just GREAT! We are going to have loads of fun and enjoyment with all the new space we have. 
Lou and MaryForest Lake

Ok I get it, but why does it cost so much?....

liquid pool fill

MATERIALS ......... Due to the weight of liquid pool fill the concrete truck can only bring out 4 cubic meters at a time making timing of the trucks for the pump the real key to this option.

A concrete truck carting normal everyday concrete can carry 7.4 cubes of concrete so if compared to liquid fill it would only take just under 7 truck loads to fill.

If you compare liquid pool fill to building a 50,000Ltr  pool, You would normally only order just over 2 truck loads of concrete .......Something to think about

Landscaping your new yard is the key

Now the pool has been filled in whats next, and how do we take full advantage of having a blank canvas?.

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