Fibreglass Pool Removal

Fibreglass Pool Removal

Fibreglass Pool Removal

Fibreglass pool removal is simple if it is performed right. We recommend removing the whole shell as berrying the shell can lead to big problems in the near future.We visit so many people who are unaware of the consequences and also the potential of the whole area sinking over the next few years . Having a fibreglass pool is defiantly easier to remove than concrete especially if we have good access.

Limited access is something we specialize in so no matter the access we have a way to remove and fill in your pool. Allot of clients before they make the big decision need to way up the ongoing costs of the pool and also in most cases the fibreglass needs re surfacing  and extensive renovations to re vamp the pool and surrounding area. Not to mention the strict fencing guidelines now in place.

Fibreglass Pool Removal



  • Narrow access No problem
  • Fast and easy to remove
  • Save thousands of dollars a year on maintenance
  • New area you can use all year round
  • No fencing guidelines to follow
  • Have the freedom to travel and not worry about a pool
  • Reduce your power,water and other yearly costs associated with having a pool

What makes you guys the gurus.....

Rough Budget


30,000LTR POOL
BUDGET FOR:$8,000-$9,000

This includes pool removed, all compactable materials and labour


45,000LTR POOL
BUDGET FOR:$9,000-$10,000

This includes pool removed, all compactable materials and labour


55,000LTR POOL
BUDGET FOR:$10,000-$11,000

This includes pool removed, all compactable materials and labour


65,000LTR POOL
BUDGET FOR:$11,000-$12,000

This includes pool removed, all compactable materials and labour

Testimonials - What Others Are Saying About Us.

Hi Lee, Firstly thank you very much for your kind gift. It was very thoughtful, and totally unexpected. The area you created looks fabulous, and according to Don, you and your crew were a pleasure to work with from beginning to end ( high praise from him!). Thank you for making this a pleasant experience all round. We won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone needing similar work done.
Anne Jindalee

I thought you could just put holes in the pool and fill with dirt


Not really the case. A quick google search and you will see people doing it this way but doesn't mean its the right way. Filling in a pool needs to be completed by a professional that specializes in this field and also has a wide knowledge and experience otherwise it all might need to be removed again and started from scratch.

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