Ok you have made the decision to do something about that pain in the neck pool out the back that is costing you a fortune. So what's next.....

jump onto Google and see what options you can find. As you are probably aware there is not much information out there in regards to filling in or converting pools.

In the past many people way up the option of filling in their pool but don't necessarily  think about what can happen down the track, and trust me when it goes wrong it really goes wrong. There are many factors to filling in a pool that are overlooked. Here are some of the factors to consider.


  • Where does the water go that lands where the pool use to be or will it become a quicksand pit.
  • Did we demolish enough of the pool to comply with standards
  • Where do we get rid of the concrete/materials as the local tips can charge over $100 m3 for commercial concrete dumping.
  • Can I build over that area in years to come or will it be just a bog hole
  • How do I stop the ground always compacting and having to top up the hole it leaves all the time
  • Will the pool pop out of the ground if I drain it. If so then what do I do....
  • Does the council care that I don't have a pool anymore. Of course they do, you need permits and engineer plans to fill in your pool
  • how long will it take to do. Should I take time off work to get it done
  • Do I need to hire all equipment to remove pool. Well now its getting expensive.


Below are a few pictures of how NOT to fill in a pool and as you can see this is going to course big problems down the track.


fill in pool                                                                                                                                

MMMMMM ...Time To Drain This Pool...

fill in pool 

Time to push all the materials in. But there is bark mixed in ...Doesn’t matter you won’t see it

fill in pool

Just about there.......


fill in pool 

There we go... all done. I hope it doesn't rain. No one will ever know it was there once we turf it.





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