Concrete Pool Removal

Concrete Pool Removal

Concrete Pool Removal

Concrete pool removal is always a great way to clear out the back yard and start again with a blank canvas.

We see more and more people removing their pools with the never ending rise in electricity costs and ongoing maintenance with their pools. In recent times the tightening of the Queensland fencing legislation has also tipped a lot of people over the edge.

Having you pool up to compliance is stressful and not to mention costly if you haven't already got your fence in place and up to a high standard before November 31 2015 you run the risk of on the spot fines from $800 up to over $20,000. It seems a little crazy but the government has brought these strict guidelines in and pool owners were given 5 years to abide by the new standards.


OK enough of the fence laws....

In removing a swimming pool there is a lot to think about as due to the age of the pool and also the strength of the concrete hardening for all those years it makes it difficult to break apart, not to mention all the steel that goes into the pool shell during the build.

Access is also a large part when removing or filling in a concrete pool. Having narrow access to the pool can be very costly and if possible allow us much room as possible to get the biggest machinery we can in to speed up the works. In some cases there is the option to fold the side walls in and jackhammer a large hole in the base but this needs to be done correctly otherwise it will lead to water drainage issues and also the area sinking .


  • Completed in a few days
  • Opens up the backyard and creates a new usable space
  • Able to use the area all year round
  • No fencing rules or guidelines to keep up with
  • A massive saving in power,water and maintenance
  • Better resale value on your property
  • No bars or glass to obstruct your view
  • Free up more time to spend with family & friends
  • Opens up more landscaping options fines for having a unsafe pool
  • Have the freedom to travel and not stress about the pool
  • Avoid fines for unsafe pool

Did You Know?

Rough Budget


30,000LTR POOL
BUDGET FOR:$8,000-$9,000

This includes fold in method, all compactable materials and labour


45,000LTR POOL
BUDGET FOR:$9,000-$10,000

This includes fold in method, all compactable materials and labour


55,000LTR POOL
BUDGET FOR:$10,000-$11,000

Includes fold in method, all compactable materials and labour


65,000LTR POOL
BUDGET FOR:$11,000-$12,000

Includes fold in method, all compactable materials and labour

Testimonials - What Others Are Saying About Us.

Lee Thank you very much for solving our pool problems once and for all,and for your friendly and professional approach at all times. While our pool looked very attractive ,the costs in power,chemicals,our precious time and energy to maintain it,had become a major problem. In addition the costs of meeting new fencing laws with the necessary damage and removal of our picturesque gardens to meet these laws,turned the problem into a nightmare. For over a year we had asked around trying to find an answer . Luckily our pool shop person gave us your number and within a week you visited and came up with the best and least expensive option-to convert our pool liability into a useful asset, namely a gravel tank . You did this in less than 3 days including the turfing on the tank area and the resurfacing of the surrounding areas affected by the machinery used and truck loads of gravel and soil.Our neighbours have since commented on how quickly and well done this was. We were also impressed to see that all your pool conversion options have been properly engineered to ensure that they work without future problems. We have now planted a flower bed inside the old pool rim and placed a bird bath on the turf. This together with the boulders and shrubbery on the far edge of the old pool have created a landscaped garden feature. Just as appealing as the old pool at its best,but without all the worries and costs that came with it.YES it was a bit daunting to see the first load of gravel going into the pool but there was never any doubt that this was the right decision.We recommend you and your team to anyone with similar problems. Thank you!
Pat & Beth,Lower Beachmont

How do I know what concrete pool removal method I need ?

Concrete pool removal










If you are wanting to build over the area in the near future a total pool removal will suit best. This option we remove all concrete and steel off site

Partial removal is when we break the walls and floor but rubble goes off site. This is great if you want to turf the area or put a garden in place of the pool.

Fold in method involves the same as partial removal but the rubble stays in the hole and is spread out and new materials compacted in layers until new heights achieved.


Looking for some ideas on how to landscape the area

Over the years we have mastered the ways on how to blend an existing pool in buy landscaping over the top and making it look like a pool was never there.

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